Supplemental Readings  

In addition to the readings assigned for class, the following articles offer a deep and personal reflection on each subject from some of the leading rabbis and teachers of our times.

Class One: Beginnings: From Creation to the Edge of the Wilderness  

Rabbi Ed Feinstein, “ Would you Recommend this Book to Your Friends?”  


Class Two: The World of the Bible  

Rabbi Benjamin Scolnic, “The Prophets and Social Justice”  


Class Three: Heart of Many Rooms: Understanding Jewish Diversity  

Rabbi Elliot Dorff, “Living the Mitzvot: Today and Tomorrow” 


Class Four: Holy Days: The Wheel of the Jewish Year

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, “Introducing the Hebrew Calendar”  


Class Five: Shabbat: Palace in Time

Rabbi Sharon Brous & Rabbi Aaron Alexander, “Shabbat and the Possibility of Transformation”  


Class Six: When Do I Bow? And Other Questions About Jewish Prayer  

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, “God and Us”  


Class Seven: Passover: The Jewish Master Story  

Rabbi Deborah Silver, “Passover


Class Eight: God: Encountering the Holy  

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, “ Almighty? No Way! Coming to Know the God We Already Love


Class Nine: Talmud: Argument for the Sake of Heaven  

Rabbi Gail Labovitz, “The Rabbinic Period”  


Class Ten: Starting Over: The High Holy Days  

Rabbi Michael Werbow, “Rosh HaShanah”  

Rabbi Cheryl Peretz, “Yom Kippur”  


Class Eleven: Kashrut: The Original Soul Food  

Rabbi Morris Allen, “How Kosher Is Kosher?”  


Class Twelve: Philosophers, Poets, and Mystics: The Jewish Middle Ages  

Rabbi Joel Rembaum, “Medieval History”  

Rabbi Pinchas Giller, "God in Kabbalah"

Reb Mimi Feigelson, "God in Hassidut"


Class Thirteen: Marriage, Love & Kosher Sex  

Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, “Love, Marriage, Commitment”  


Class Fourteen: From Birth to B’nai Mitzvah: Raising a Mensch  

Rabbi Ed Feinstein, “Childhood and Adolescence”  


Class Fifteen: A Time to Mourn: Traditions for Death, Grief, & Healing  

Rabbi Sara Berman, “Illness and Healing


Class Sixteen: Out of the Darkness: Stories from the Holocaust  

Rabbi Michael Barenbaum, “Yom HaShoah


Class Seventeen: Israel: Dreaming of Deliverance  

Rabbi Gila Dror, “Israel’s National Holidays


Class Eighteen: The Jewish Mission to Heal the World  

Ruth Messinger and Aaron Dorfman, “Am I My Sibling’s Keeper If They Live Halfway Around the World?”