Introduction to Judaism


An experience for the mind, heart, and soul

Our engaging, university-level course is offered over eighteen sessions and includes Hebrew language instruction for every level. Classes are interactive and discussion based, with many opportunities for questions and for experiential learning in and out of the classroom.

Complete the course at your own pace—accelerated options available.

Class One:
Beginnings: From Creation to the Edge of the Wilderness

Class Two:
The World of the Bible

Class Three:
Heart of Many Rooms: Understanding Jewish Diversity

Class Four:
Holy Days: The Wheel of the Jewish Year

Class Five:
Shabbat: Palace in Time

Class Six:
When Do I Bow? And Other Questions About Jewish Prayer

Class Seven:
Passover: The Jewish Master Story

Class Eight:
God: Encountering the Holy

Class Nine:
Talmud: Argument for the Sake of Heaven

Class Ten:
Starting Over: The High Holy Days

Class Eleven:
Kashrut: The Original Soul Food

Class Twelve:
Philosophers, Poets, and Mystics: The Jewish Middle Ages

Class Thirteen:
Marriage, Love & Kosher Sex

Class Fourteen:
From Birth to B’nai Mitzvah: Raising a Mensch

Class Fifteen:
A Time to Mourn: Traditions for Death, Grief, & Healing

Class Sixteen:
Out of the Darkness: Stories from the Holocaust

Class Seventeen:
Israel: Dreaming of Deliverance

Class Eighteen:
The Jewish Mission to Heal the World