We recognize that everyone’s journey is unique. If we haven’t addressed your questions below (and even if we have),  we welcome a personal conversation. Call us at (310) 440-1273 and we’ll be glad to answer your questions or schedule a time for you to meet with our Rabbi.


Those who are not yet Jewish, but have always been a little bit curious. Those who are not planning to convert, but are sharing their lives with Jews. Those who are considering conversion. Those who have been Jewish in their hearts for years and want to make it official. Hebrew school drop-outs. Rabbinical school wannabes. You.
Absolutely. Whether you were born Jewish but never quite learned what it was about, you're back after a long hiatus, or you're just looking for a deeper understanding of your heritage, we could all use a bit of a refresher. Jews from all walks of life enroll in the program: from people who had a Jewish day school education to those whose strongest connection was the annual box of matzah on the kitchen counter. As one alum said, the Miller Program as a Jew is a bit like having a thing for years and then discovering the instruction manual and realizing: “Oh, so that's what that button does!”
We are an Introduction to Judaism class, not strictly a conversion program. Some of our students are thinking about becoming Jewish. Some, for a variety of reasons, are just interested in learning more. We are eager to meet you wherever you are on your spiritual/personal journey. We will never pressure you to convert—but, we'll always leave the door open.
Of course! The Miller Program welcomes all those who want to learn and experience Judaism with us.
Every participant in the Miller Program learns some basic Hebrew. You'll learn to read Hebrew so that you can walk into any synagogue, seder table, or falafel joint in the world and feel at home. Whether you were a pro chanting haftarah at your Bar Mitzvah or you don't know an aleph from a bet, we can help you polish and develop your skills. And, if you are a real expert (or Israeli), you can help others!



It's easy to register online! Just visit our website, then click on Register for Courses. You can also call us, at (310) 440-1273. Current and upcoming class schedules and locations are posted on the website.
Our highly subsidized tuition is $344 for an individual, $533 for a couple. If you don't enough for tuition right now, don't panic. Through the generosity of alumni and friends of the program, we work very hard to make sure that no one is turned away. Call us to discuss payment plans, scholarships and other options.
You can pay online at the outset of the class, or you can make payments. Class tuition, minus a small registration fee, is refundable up to the fourth week of the class. You read that right: you can try us out, risk free.
Yes, we are able to offer generous scholarships and payment plans to ensure that this experience is open to all. Please call us at (310) 440-1273 for a confidential conversation.
Have more questions or want more details? Call us at (310) 440-1273 or drop us a line at intro@aju.edu. We'll be glad to answer any questions and share more information to help you decide if the Miller Introduction to Judaism Program is right for you.